Biography September 29, 2010

Kam Khamba has been a resident of Chestermere for the past five years. He is dedicated family man, known for his honesty and integrity, who along with his wife and two sons, his Mother and brother Steve and his family, has made Chestermere their home.

You may recognize him and his wife, Karamjit, from your visits to the Chestermere Bottle Depot. Kam's oldest son graduated from Chestermere High in 2009 and is now studying Kinesiology at the University of Mount Royal. His youngest son is attending Chestermere High School and is on the Varsity Basket Ball Team.

Kam is a successful semi-retired business person who, along with his wife, owns and operates the Chestermere Bottle Depot as well as other businesses in the area. He has become financially independent with the help of the continued support of the residents of Chestermere. He is a dedicated and energetic team player who is accessible and approachable. 

Kam is dedicated to Chestermere as "THE Place to Live" and is committed to our Community. One example of this is his continued support of our Library since inception through a 10 year donation pledge. 

His focus is targeted growth and development with informed decisions to broaden our tax base through commercial and professional business growth. The challenge will be to provide our Community with this much needed infrastructure and ensure that the small Town feel and sense of Community stays intact. 

Kam feels with seniors and youth as a large part of our population and future growth sustainability, we need to foster programs and facilities directed to these age groups in order to ensure that these very important members of our Community have places to socialize, live, work and continue to thrive in our Town.
Public Safety is always paramount to Kam giving his full support to our Police and Bylaw enforcement, Fire Fighters and EMS. 

Kam’s semi-retirement will enable him to spend more time contributing to our community and addressing your concerns and he will be able to do this as a serving Councillor.

Kam also encourages everyone to come out and vote. Your vote DOES count!